Wednesday, July 8

one year

The 10engines blog is now officially over 600 posts and 1 year old. This has been a rewarding experience... the chance to research bite sized potted histories of people, books and brands I have followed over the years. So what is brewing for year 2??

  • Get the focus back on the wardrobe. Doesn't mean the end of western shirts... just a look at some older, maybe eccentric English stuff.
  • We are more than halfway to winter, so Peru Fair updates, snowboarding newsflashes... all that stuff coming soon.
  • Sis is gathering reinforcements for a brick&mortar operation; a chic/rustic/general store. Will be updating on the progress here.
  • A few Hometown Hero style profiles. First; a certain local gent, who was asked to be an Orvis model for a time, pushing 70 years old and can bench his weight. Loves to make you a gin and tonic; no tonic. Big icon for me.
  • Headed to a wedding in a few weeks and have lined up a Polaroid600 (sonar autofocus) and a boatload of film, can't wait/will share.
  • No more yard sale posts, all stand alone images going to the tumblr site. Updates to that will go through twitter.
  • Going to stick with new rule of thumb "cool things begin with C"; Connery, Carhartt, Cat Power, chickens, cashmere cardigans, chambray, coffee, crew cuts, cider, chevre, cracked pepper, cufflinks, caps, crops.

Face facts, this wouldn't be fun unless there was some traffic/comments/feedback, so huge thanks to the Leans, Nicks, Plaids and the loop out there...

Recreated the first post, July 7, 2008, but updated, below.

Have a soft spot for the serious orange/black/white scheme used for Veuve Cliquot (anyone have a backstory on that?) but had not thought about its anchor iconography much until now. It is related to the far reach and export of the champagne, notably to Russia whilst under blockade by Napolean. Further reading. That anchor and a few changed initials could be tattoo-tastic, we'll see.