Thursday, July 23

that rehearsal dinner look -vt edition

When a wedding rehearsal dinner is outdoors in central Vermont, even if it is summer, the game is all changed. Make that a pig roast and you had better come dressed to play.

Gloves: Kinco. Love these. Inexpensive as hell and essential for turning the spit.
Vest: Penfield x Stussy. Hickory striped... bosh.
The striped rugby is a stone cold classic. To get gritty cut the collar off, just above the seam... turns it into sort of a sweatshirt.
Old Levis, turned up. Handkerchief. Docksiders. No socks. Maybe should bring some marled wool socks in case the temp really dips, or the bugs come out...
Belt: Used to wear a thick belt and buckle all the time but recently have liked the thinner belts... this undyed Billykirk is simple and no doubt ages well.

Bring a bunch of leeks, split lengthwise, soaked in some kind of oil/herbs to throw on the grill. Big hit. Eat your greens.

Secret weapon (besides mixing Long Trail kegs and fireworks) is sourcing a Polaroid camera and film, from a former Polaroid executive. Cannot wait to bust that out. Congrats Skye and Tina... See you soon.

[Update. Damn, saw these too late. Vans Authentic Gingham via Selectism. V nice. And Hanes x Deluxe insanity quality vnecks via New Dandyism.]