Monday, August 10

kitchen tools -beyond the basics 6

35. Champagne stopper. The joke is that we never have a half finished bottle of sparkling... i.e. it always gets finished but this model works well.

36. Milk jug. No, technically milk doesn't come out of a cow's mouth... rarely whimsical over here, but we have this.

37. Just saw these yday. Seeds embedded on cardboard sticks, like matches. Great presentation. Matchstick Garden. Grow your own heeeerrrbs.

38. Diner mugs. Some don't like the lip-feel of these. Too dribbly. Have a bit of a collection going.

39. Corn cob holders. Sort of unnecessary/kitsch but then so would be red gingham tablecloths and clam dip. Not up for discussion...

40. Clamp. Have a bunch of these to keep bags of pork rinds or whatever closed... Yes a clothes peg works too, but hammer to a fly, we use safety orange rubberized 4" spring clamps.