Monday, August 17

let your legs do the talking

Our man in London was in The Observer a few weeks back in an article about differing bicycle cultures. Although he has been in the trenches of London cycling for almost 2 decades, and has a carbon monster for a daily driver, he was with a group of Bromptonites in this case. I mentioned I was looking for a new bike, his immediate response, "Just get a hack bike for £100 and start enjoying the ride... let your legs do the talking."

Great advice. Totally lucked out and picked up a used single gear... a real mutant. '86 (older than some of the people reading this no doubt...) Mongoose frame, BMX forks, mixed use (Comfort) Bontrager tires, a single gear as noted. OMIL sputtered... "the dEVIls' WORk!" Yeah but it still cost less than his saddle... #win #immediately_stickered_up

I don't know, and not too worried about frankly, the politics in the cycling world, but this Keith Bontrager sounds a pretty interesting chap.