Monday, August 24

oliver jeffers

Wrote about this artist/ children's book author/ illustrator once before, but a few updates... Oma went to see Oliver Jeffers at the Edinburgh Book Festival last week where he drew figures and spoke non-stop for 90 minutes about his work, what is-coming next, influences (striped shirt on his hero is a nod to striped sweater monster in WTWTA, nice) and much more. Anyway, major thumbs up from Oma and she obtained a signed copy of a Jeffers book we missed The Incredible Book-Eating Boy. (Great "book chomp" styling on these covers.)

We also missed this one earlier in the year, The Great Paper Chase. Lumberjacky images right in our wheelhouse. This is for the kids you understand... These are tougher to find in the States than in the UK but will have to search this one out.