Tuesday, August 4

that family outing look

If we were going to have a family picnic outside anytime soon, might be dressed something like this. We used that White Mountain deet-free repellent 2 weeks ago on a hike and it worked a treat. Not a bad citronella smell. Grenson brogue boots (can there ever be an end to unheard of -to me -century old English shoemakers? I hope not.) Salt and pepper chambray workpants via Ballyhoo Vintage. (The fabric is called "Pepperell Battle Axe Whipcord", fantastic.) Tory hoofpick belt. Made in USA. Under $30. Johnson Woolen Mills vest. Or leave out the vest but bring a blaze orange 'kerchief... Plaid shirt from Gant Rugger. Good old Munsingwear undershirts via The Vermont Country Store. Sporran flask. You don't need to own a sporran or forego any activity that does not involve alcohol to fit in here... but it helps.