Monday, October 12

blogs -logos

If you are here you may have already been to Lesli Larson's Archival Clothing. Won't go on and on, but love the "Shopping From..." bits she does (like shopping from a movie, or an old catalogue). Man, this illustration above is awesome... takes a lot for me to wear someone else's name across a hat but if this logo ever gets stitched onto anything I will be lining up. Just opened my eyes and see it was drawn by Ryan Blomberg. Out of sight.

Even*Cleveland. Tough to describe but take a look at some of the most frequent tags (in ascending order) this lady uses and you may get the drift. Polaroid, stores in town, trees, embroidery, fun was had, maps, mothers, polar exploration, bikes, art supplies, room service, things for my dream house, dancers, field trips, office supplies, sesame street, things that burn, bags, street art, charismatic megafauna, architecture, birds, oddments, activities of daily living, furniture, secret recipes, papercuts, timewasters, mottos, the neighborhood, things for walls, shoes, films, alphabets, imaginary outfit, animation, books, pretty words, photography, the cleve, things I want, tunes. Much more than that at Even*Cleveland. Great stuff.

Caught by the River is self-described as "a website that document[s] lazy days out" concerned with "the things that made the working week bearable – books, records, art, nature, angling, drinking, even cake baking." Focus on angling (fishing) and thus also water conservation stuff, with lots of music thrown in (blog owners are some former NME writers I think). Logo created for them by British artist Matt Sewell.