Monday, October 26

games -act your age

Couple of good games to keep in the back pocket for Halloween, or a small person's party. I would never use these as an activity for adults. Oh wait...

Game 1. Race; eat a cracker then whistle.
You could use 3 saltines, or these excellent ribstickers below from The Vermont Country Store. We call them excitables.

"Before the water cooler and copy machine became the places for informal discussions and idle talk, people would hold their casual conversations at the "cracker barrel". Further reading.

Game 2. First one to blow a bubble wins.
Must use an old school tough-as-boots gum, e.g. Double Bubble. (DB is held up as the first bubble gum.)

Game 3. This two stepper puts the cat amongst the pigeons...
Have an apple dunking area. Dunk for apples. Next have a deep tub (at least 6" deep) with a few inches of flour on the bottom, and some spearmint leaves or similar candy hidden in the flour. Immediately dunk for those. Sure your face is essentially caked in paper mache for the rest of the night, but it is fun...