Sunday, October 4

tip -home grown family harvest red

Not a farm as such (more a vineyard), and not related *ahem* to good old boy homegrown; Home Grown Farms Family Harvest Red, table wine, is a new find. A $12 red around here. Deep rasp'/blueberry color, biggish, slightly rough, "field blend" of syrah, barbera and petite sirah grapes from California.

I'm not one to carry around tear out cards from the Wine Spectator (further reading, fantastic, from The Trad). I'm more in the M category of "Infuriator" red wine drinking... Home Grown Farms is miles above that though. Santé.

[Update: had written the above post while watching the Farm Aid concert the other night. Then Neil Young started into Homegrown, as below. Further reading via All Plaidout.]