Monday, October 5

went to the topsfield fair and all i got was this rabbit's foot

Big family outing to the Topsfield Fair yday... We've been 4 times in the past 8 years maybe, and it has not really changed. And I mean that in a good way. There are plenty of rides; big carnival rides, little kiddie rides, biggest pumpkin contest, 4H area w/ good sized beekeeping exhibit, plus multiple other ag' barns and showcases as well as an arena for horse/cattle pulls -my favourite part. Ox pulls are really fanstic, but was horses yday. Good stuff.

Set below from Topsfield's smugmug site.

In the rabbit and cavy barn, on your immediate left is a tiny stall that sells standard issue/ imported from China/ dyed a color that does not exist in nature rabbit's feet. $1. I get one every time. Massive rationalisation coming up but I don't feel too guilty about it as can't imagine the rabbits are being killed for their $1 feet. Though maybe a byproduct of whatever nefarious rabbit factory they were processed in?? Ok, new resolution; source ethically created rabbit's foot charm, maybe cottage industry from a hunter, leather whipstiched cord to top it off... Have not eaten rabbit since we left the Scottish Borders over 15 years ago but it is goooood.

[Update: Found a great flickr set shot at Topsfield '08 from area local and magic camera fan Bonnie, as below. Those are the real thing, not poladroid... Thx Bonnie.]