Wednesday, March 31


There is a time of year, maybe around Labor Day, in Santa Fe where the chile harvest is in and on backlots and streetcorners people set up big wire tumblers of chilis and roast them. Usually over propane flames it looks like.

Something like that.

Really want to go one day. Up there with cranberry bogging. Need to find some chile roasting gloves, they are probably just like pig roasting gloves... The food forums are full of arguments about who does the best chile roasting; the guy in the BigLots parking lot or the Santa Fe farmers market -awesome. Can imagine the air all smokey with chile-eye-burning goodness... getting hungry. Have had New Mexican food a few times (meaning in NM, not nouveau-mexican or anything) and it is fantastically greenchilesloppy.

Roast chiles do not equal dried chiles is my understanding, cheat sheet below... Sidenote: at Dave's Pasta in Davis Square they have a bowl of cherry peppers you can grab from on the way out. Perfect for the walk home.


Daniel said...

Green chile roasting in N.M. is the deal. Full stop.

pasquale said...

Dave's fresh pasta rules.

Giuseppe from Affordable Wardrobe lives right by there.

Keep your eyes out on the Whole Foods in Medford, for like one week a year they have Hatch chilis, you can roast them all your weber grille in the yard and freeze them.

My wife lived in New Mexico so when she saw them she bought twenty pounds to roast up in Somerville.