Thursday, March 4

i'm sold -llbean popover

These pullover or popover shirts are descended from a certain style of logging shirts I believe, the absence of buttons across the belly was a possible safety feature; so you didn't catch anything on your shirt (like a saw handle). Further reading at ArchivalClothing.

Anyway, most modern versions have zips at the neck and was not wild on them. There was a recentish run of popovers [so called because you pop them over your head? -ed.] produced by LLBean (1980's label??) that have button necks, and are thick and heavyweight (85% wool, 15% nylon). Can't find a country of origin label... but you can find examples of these on ebay, in Stewart (thx Dana) or Royal Stewart? (thought it was Innes? maybe overthinking it) as above. OK, so it wasn't $1.99 (how does Guiseppe do it??) but it was well below my $15 ebay limit.