Tuesday, March 16

libble d

Raschid Joyce -via Bromley.

Curt Gurry -courtesy of Skye Chalmers.

The toques made under the handle Libble D are a wardrobe staple in our stomping ground of southern Vermont. The hats are hand-made by Cynthia Booth in seasonal bursts, made with recycled felted wool and polartech fleece. This is an example of a true cottage industry; no website, not sold online, hard to find contact details and only sold in a 2 stores that I know of (Podium and Syd&Dusty's). $35 if you can find them. I managed to track her down last week and get the scoop.

Long/short; the name Libble D came from Cynthia's partner John Gage's time as a snowboard coach... anyone remember the old Libble-Dee move?? The fleece hats were going to be called Libs (rather than lids) but Libble D stuck. Gage is the loaded-for-bear hype man for the local brand and Cynthia is the wizard behind the curtain... great teamwork.

There were four LibbleD models originally; the rooster, the shark, the king, and the homie. This was circa 1992 when jester hats were big, so admittedly the years have not been kind on those. The standard beanie shape is now settled on though and has been for years; with color clash fleece or special event embroidering being the new M.O.

Usually the USOpen coincides with St. Patricks day, and a full moon... and a subsequent tear in the universe. Not quite a full moon next week but you CAN always count on there being a critical mass of LibbleD wearers; as below.

Willie's let's start insulating look.

Enquiries or orders can go on a postcard to;
Cynthia @ Libble D
PO Box 518
Bondville, VT 05340

Tell them 10e sent you...

[update: from the vault of Craig Johnson, below]