Monday, March 22

tale of 2 weekends

Eye on the ball, nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the wheel... how the hell is anyone supposed to work in that position? The 28th USOpen Snowboarding Championships are in the books; results.

Snap review; the halfpipe finals are still pretty electric and Kelly Clark dominated to take her 4th USOpen HP title. Missed Abe Teter... poaching was a little weak this year imho. The APB's on the lost kids were funny, "Sam and Will have been found! It's all happening here folks!" After about the 4th interuption for a lost child it was; "seriously why doesnt the mom just check her twitter account? mom i am on the right side of the pipe @jessica". Classic. There were a ton of parents and kids out, we are all getting older I guess. [inveitable -ed.]

The snow was pretty mashed potatoes/slow on Friday and got completely bounced in the huge ruts on the access cut-through to Ursa... left ribs feeling it. Again, getting older. Hell I got called sir on the gondola by some college kids; twice! Otherwise, the chickens are laying like crrrazy, about a dozen a day. Awesome.

Final note: the run from Louie Vito was pretty insane. Double crippler? Wow.