Monday, March 29

that odd couple look

Closing the loop on the Odd Couple posts... Jedd Rose at Men and Women of Industry took time out to make up a Felix and Oscar cheat sheet for 2010. Not sure of the power structure over at MAWOI (believe it is a 2 person show) but Jedd has also been tapped for some head-to-toes for Uncrate (who are picking up their game a bit). Sidenote: great to see another family man in the mix of rakishly single fenceposters. The OCD therapy books are inspired... Thx JR.

Suit - Brooks Brothers Regent Saxxon, more tailored cut, slimmer lapels, etc.
Shirt - RL Fine Slim Custom Fit
Apron - DWR Fog Linen Cafe Apron
Tie - Alexander Olch Grey Triple Stripe
Socks - Brooks Brothers Merino Big Dot
Shoes - Bass Dover

Sweatshirt - Buzz Rickson Set-In Sleeve Four-Needle
Pants - L.L. Bean Signature Canvas Cloth
Shirt - L.L. Bean Trim-Fit Oxford no-iron of course
Socks - Wigwam Striped Tubes
Shoes - PF Flyer Archival 50's Reissue
Schlitz Beer Can Bank - For stashing poker/alimony dough