Tuesday, March 16

tricia byrnes -1

Quick backstory; first met Tricia Byrnes a decade ago when I interviewed her for a project on the Open. Almost all our interviewees for Open Season had a Vermont connection, that was sort of the point... Anyhow, she was a pro-snowboarder then and has now moved into media; more on that later. I recently contacted Trish to pull together a look for the Open -from a ladies perspective, and to get an update on her career. She responded in typical verbose and emotive style... think I'll have to break this into 2 parts haha. Cheers TB.

* * * * * * *

"Even a simple suggestion like tell us what people are wearing seems to flood my mind with a million memories of outfits and people and times gone by, not to sound all old and stuff but in a sport that thrives on progression and tears through trends at lightening speeds, my 20 year stint as a competitor is like a million little lifetimes. Sseeing as how this is my first year as a full on spectator and part time poacher [nice! -ed.] I thought I’d let everyone in on what I’m packing for an Open’s worth of fun in the new media age."

"As for the other two slides, I just wanted to give Vermont the credit it’s due for it’s 2010 Olympic Team fashion statement and alert all the hipsters who like to dress up for costume parties as to this years Open theme. There are so many more things to capture, like the shirtless poachers, kids covered in autographs and shiteating grins wearing their junior jam bibs for a week solid, greased up mechanics and maintenance boys alongside Connecticut families all coming to ooh and ahh and take stock in another year and another Open. I can’t wait..."

"Which came first the chicken or the egg. Those super snazzy US Olympic snowboard team get ups that the world was talking about have long been the go-to look for generations of Vermonters and of course the Kurt Cobains of the universe. And like all things shred, people shun it at first then wait in line to buy it. Glad Vermont could once again shape the face of this sport."

"Not only is the US Open know for legendary riding, progression, parties, crowds and all that but the fine folks at Burton have continued the tradition of a themed event. Over the years, we’ve arrived on site to see the mountain decorated like a kids birthday party from spooky -to stone age -to medieval times. This year they’ve apparently been inspired by an old Gator skate graphic or jailbird on acid and gone with a black and white vortex type thing. Not sure it is a theme so much as a color way but hey..." [i'm liking this op-art theme. -ed.]

"Incase you’re feel inspired here’s a way to look sharp and in-the-know. Striped hoodie, scarf and gloves to match with sunglasses and a slouchy hat. No coat because hipsters never get cold but a garbage bag in case it happens to mist. Personally I’d go with the Zebra costume myself, but then again I do love me a good mascot."
Cont'd in Part 2...