Monday, September 27

peru fair -recap

Saturday saw the 29th Peru Fair go down. 2 highlights for us were that 1) the fire department was back doing the pig roast (allnighter) and 2) we convinced a family friend to drive his WWII-styled jeep in the parade with us. The fair is one of the touchstones of my calendar (that and the USOpen Snowboard champs) basically because it marks one time of year to meet all your buds and catch up. Ok, let's recap...

Friday 10pm. See how the ground is all dark under the pigs... that is fat.
Everytime you turn them (30mins) it would drip down (practically self basting)
and the smell was fantastic.
The handles get hot. Gloves are key.

Corn being wetted down for the grill tomorrow.
Saturday now, 1am. Ear to ear. Like a pig in... etc.
5am... Up w/ the kids ready to feed the horses.
Legend status.

Pre-parade egg&B on Rupert Rising bread.
Alpha jacket and Orvis fieldy on lock.
Seat covers, custom, made of #4 canvas. Nice touch.

Smokey was behind us in the parade. Completely stole our thunder.

VT town green, direct from central casting.

Quail kebabs. Wilbur working it. So good.
Mrs. Quail.
THIS is how you light coals.

Paging Mr. Mort. Rep-band bucket hat ftw.
$10. Deal of the century. Crackling was perfection.
Got a signed kids book from Woody Jackson and some swag.

See you next time.