Tuesday, September 21

that fall meme look

Jamie@TheStandardEdition concocted a great fall H2T for ThePursuitAesthetic that you can see here. Wearable and classic. I don't have all that stuff though... "what would I do" was my thought... and what would others do? Changed 5* things and posted it below. Then passed it on. Will it come full circle? Will it turn into sweatpants and blazers? Feel free to meme it back anyone.

White Gitman Vintage Oxford (link)
*Billy Reid x Levis denim shirt (link) -hot damn; as shirtjac here.
The Hillside Wax Canvas Tie (link)
Steven Alan Fall Martin Pant (link)
Billykirk Slim Belt (link)
*Alden Cordovan Wax (link)
Alden for J.Crew Cordovan Boots (link)
Rockford Socks (link)
*RE Sportsman glasses(link)
*GShock6900 ToughSolar watch(link)
Miller High Life (link)
Filson Tote (link)
Filson Goatskin Lined Gloves (link)
Corn Cob Pipe (link)
*Balkan #2 Pipe Tobacco (link) -this is Pops' blend
Moleskin Notebook (link)
AT Cross Tech Pen (link)