Thursday, June 16

carhartt -fall 2011 lookbook

A few weeks ago Carhartt (US) released a Fall 2011 lookbook online. The clothes are inline with their general movement to newer shapes and materials (not necessarily bad) and seems to be moving away from the splashy-graffiti-twisted-barbedwire graphics (good). Plus, Fall2011 looks generally like the blocks used for the AdamKimmelxCarhartt stuff, so if you like that you are in luck.

They are also continuing the Series 1889 line they started this year (which is not related to the 1989 Centennial stuff); e.g. chambray shirt and jacket below.

If you have been following along, since almost day 1 of this blog I have posted about Carhartt pieces that evoked some kind of fuzzy memory for me or were shorthand for rural/woodsy. But I would have to think Carhartt's continued reliance on imagery of the American worker is risking becoming disingenious, as since 2009 not-all/less-than-half/maybe-even-only-10%-now of their manufacturing is done domestically -via WSJ (read the comments section btw, essential). Yes they employ around 1,300 American workers still (fact from their Facebook) but the brand had a faultless workwear pedigree until these changes; i.e. Union made in the USA. The comments from consumers [former -ed?] on Carhartt's Facebook page are pretty strong on this issue... perhaps an example to discuss for any social media advisors?

I rarely go negative on 10e, but this particular issue touches a nerve -I mentioned the same thing in the post over at Details. OK, now back to regularly scheduled programming.