Monday, June 13

gardening -father's day

1. Ames Tru-Temper steel-barrow. 6 cubic feet. Not easy to get made in USA 'barrows; usually the wheel is imported, sometimes the handles, these come close I believe. Plus, stealing idea from the NYT, fill this thing w/ ice and tonic for later...

2. Slate stakes/row markers. There are a lot of these around, these happen to be by Ancient Graffiti in Vermont. $36 for 6.

3. LLBean rubber moccasins. Great for gardening. Same price or less than Muck boots and you can wear them out and about afterwards; just hose them off. What, you were gonna buy crocs?
[sidenote: these run big imho, def order a 1/2 size down.]

4. Sipsmith Gin. Distilled in London. Sis is in the drinks biz, says this one cooler than the other side of the pillow... Cue the G&Ts.