Monday, June 6

kitchen tools -father's day

1. Perspex and stainless steel (recipe) book holder from F3. Verging on overcompensating maybe? At least no diamond skid plate involved. NZD160 (about $130)
2. Tiffany beer mugs in 'rock cut' pattern. Picture does not do them justice. Fortress of Solitude style. $40 each.
3. Ortiz, Bay of Biscay anchovies. Secret weapon. Included fork FTW. $15
4. Stainless steel kettle; GSI Outdoors. Might just sit on the stove, but looks damn good while doing it... $23
5. Selvage apron. This one from Stronghold (and v tasty) via Kaufmann Mercantile but you could find something vintagey and similar-ish on eBay for less.