Friday, June 10

more david saxby

Yday posted about a coat from David Saxby, (a London tailor who is maybe a bit under the usual blog radar, though seems the secret is well out in London) and really worth expanding a little. Clock the video below (created by ArtGalMedia), where he discusses his sartorial background, various ways to wear a trilby and rips out quotes like, "fashion is for children" etc... Also tweed addict might not be too strong a description, fantastic stuff.

Then go read this longer interview with Saxby. Taster below reproduced with written permission from Manner of Man Magazine/Welldressed.
You said in an interview ”Fashion is for children” so what is style to you?

Fashion depends on poor quality materials which have to be replaced every year, a well put together 22oz Scottish thorn-proof jacket will still look good after twenty years. Fashion is "Landfill". Style is forever.