Wednesday, June 22

poler -two person tent

Poler doubleheader today... hey they could have used that as a name for this product even... The Two Man Tent. $240$200 and free shipping for a limited time.
...the same spacious design as our one man tent, only wide enough to accommodate 2 big people, or if you're feeling snuggly, even 2 big people and a child, or possibly even 3 smaller sized people. The variations are nearly limitless.

The tent has two doors and two vestibules for stashing gear, fully taped seams on the fly, and just one pole that snaps together and is simple and efficient to set up. The eye shaped window allows for a view of the forest canopy. It weighs about 6 lbs... -Buy at PolerStuff

Via their super secret email (that anyone can sign up for) they note a product coming out called the Duffaluffagus Duffle. Just show me where to sign... #greatname