Wednesday, June 29

watch this -i dropped the ball...

At the Edinburgh Film Festival this past weekend, Nokia held a screening for the eight finalists of its Nokia Shorts Competition. With more than 600 entries and a $10,000 grand prize on the line, the competition produced some surprising results. Nothing was quite as impressive, however, as the film shot by winner J.W. Griffiths. His two and a half minute short entitled Splitscreen: A Love Story was shot entirely on his Nokia N8 mobile smartphone and takes viewers on a split-screen journey through two of the world’s most iconic and romantic cities. Watch for yourselves to see why Griffiths’ film took home the prize.
-via Hypebeast

See all the eight finalists over at NokiaShorts2011

DISCLAIMER; I worked at the EdFilmFest for a few years/seasons/summers in a purely admin capacity (read; great parties, met Sean Connery, still have friends from that time). Sidenote; it is the world's longest continuously running film festival.

Anyhow, the Edinburgh Film Festival caught not a little flak this year (ouch) and though I was not there to see any of the successes or "challenges", they continued with their tradition of gritty programming and introduced some inventive commercial partnerships with Nokia (as above) and Cutty Sark (they did an event to power the projector by pedaling). Anyhow, I have nothing but good memories and hope they can rekindle the flame of former years. That cameraphone short though above... next level, I skipped over it when the news broke. V v smart to use a split screen, essentially doubling the quality of the images -geddit?