Friday, November 11

10e at kaufmann mercantile -weaving harris tweed

We all had to do a presentation (high school, late 1980s) and most just muddled through it, probably mumbling. A buddy from Inverness announced that his topic (the Highland Clearances) was far too big to discuss in one evening and he would like to do a two part talk over two evenings. Taking the same approach here.

Over the last year I've communicated a bit with Mike Donald, a guy from Glasgow connected to the Harris Tweed Authority, and writer of The Croft blog. He was the one that organised The Harris Tweed Ride a few months back. Anyhow, he has moved back to the Western Isles off the north-west coast of Scotland to enroll in a training program that is intended to bring young folk back into the trade of weaving Harris Tweed.

I recently interviewed him for Kaufmann Mercantile. Will catch up with Mike again in a few weeks to learn more about the process, but you can read part 1 here.