Thursday, November 3

e b white -one man's meat

Picked this up at our library's book sale last w/e (there were 2 copies actually) and have only just started it - but can see this is going to be a reread for years to come. E.B. White moved with his wife to a farm in Maine from NYC in the late 1930's and among other things wrote a monthly column for Harper's from there. This book One Man's Meat is a collection of those works I understand.
''One Man's Meat'' is too personal for an almanac, too sophisticated for a domestic history, too funny and self-doubting for a literary journal. Perhaps it's a primer: a countryman's lessons that convey, at each reading, a sense of early morning clarity and possibility.
-via NYTBooks

Sidenote; it was in his barn that White began to follow the activity of a certain spider that became the source material for his book Charlotte's Web (1952).