Friday, November 4

lobster recycle

Once you start to keep a chicken bucket (i.e. a pail under the sink to throw food scraps to feed to the chickens) it feels criminal throwing food in the trash any other time. Somehow you imagine it makes the eggs taste even better. They love oyster shells btw, to pick at for calcium, goes into the egg shells. Anyhow, they seem to love lobster; they can get at all the little nuggets of meat we missed.

At our house there is a continual fightdiscussion about what to do with the lobster shells after dinner. Do we keep them in the lobster pot till morning and attempt to make bisque? Or just give up on that dream (think we followed through once) and give it all to the chickens? One spring I opened the back porch door to see a lobster pot still full of shells and corn, and ice and snow, that someone had obviously put there after dinner many months earlier with the plan to make bisque in the morning. I guess winter got in the way...