Monday, November 21

morning bulles

Classic exchange during You Only Live Twice;
Osato: I always take a glass [of champagne] in the morning. You should try it.
007: It's bad for your liver, isn't it?
Osato: Nonsense, it adds a sparkle to the day.
007: I'm sure it does.

Champagne for breakfast. Those 1960s execs had it made... Just discovered this sub-$20 sparkling, Jean-Francois Merieau Bulles [meaning bubbles -ed.] Brut. Available as 80% chenin blanc / 20% chardonnay or 90/10 it really does have the tiny tiny bubbles representative of more 'spensive champoo. This Loire valley m├ęthode champenoise is almost creamy, and fractionally undercarbonated, or at least not hypercarbonated. This fellow Jean-Francois Merieau is a relatively young gun but has taken over his father's St. Julien de Ch├ędon property [source interwebs -ed.] Need to *ahem* try it a few more times but $20 is a tough pricepoint to find winners... might have one here.