Monday, November 21

morning bulles

Classic exchange during You Only Live Twice;
Osato: I always take a glass [of champagne] in the morning. You should try it.
007: It's bad for your liver, isn't it?
Osato: Nonsense, it adds a sparkle to the day.
007: I'm sure it does.

Champagne for breakfast. Those 1960s execs had it made... Just discovered this sub-$20 sparkling, Jean-Francois Merieau Bulles [meaning bubbles -ed.] Brut. Available as 80% chenin blanc / 20% chardonnay or 90/10 it really does have the tiny tiny bubbles representative of more 'spensive champoo. This Loire valley méthode champenoise is almost creamy, and fractionally undercarbonated, or at least not hypercarbonated. This fellow Jean-Francois Merieau is a relatively young gun but has taken over his father's St. Julien de Chédon property [source interwebs -ed.] Need to *ahem* try it a few more times but $20 is a tough pricepoint to find winners... might have one here.