Tuesday, February 14

us open presents the 2012 washed up cup

The Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships are a respected contest yes, but are often unabashadly about good times, Vermont pride and connecting with friends. I know I'll see people here then not again till next March, whether that is in the registration office, on the side of the halfpipe or in the beer garden.

For the last 3 years a sanctioned (but let's face it slightly cheeky rogue event, wrote about it here) has been happening on the Friday before the halfpipe finals; The Washed Up Cup. Some of the older men and women (by which I mean over 21) take to a gated course and race the clock. Timed events have been absent from The Open since the last boardercross race occurred in 2001, and it is has been great to see organizers Seth Neary and Steve Hayes bring one back.

Long/short, this year The US Open have partnered with The Washed Up Cup and will present it under the loights on Friday noight. Get your clear lenses ready... As usual prize money equal for men and women. Full details below via opensnowboarding.

All US Open Legends are invited to come to Stratton, March 9-11. There will be parties, special events, guest appearances and the opportunity to connect with old friends. The US Open is legendary for good times and great competition and the 30th Anniversary will be our best year yet so we want you to come help us celebrate. Whether you want to compete or just hang out, we want to know if you are coming. Email us at USOlegends@burton.com.
For lodging information, please call 1.800.STRATTON (787.2886)

On Friday night, March 9, under the lights the US Open presents the 2012 Washed Up Cup.
A Slingshot event: A gated and timed event that ties in freestyle elements with a gated GS style course.

• 45-60 second race course
• No hard boots allowed/No alpine race equipment [woolen pants optional -ed.]
• 2 runs combined. Fastest combined runs wins
• You must have competed in the US Open or previous Washed Up Cup
• Can't have competed in a pro event in last 6 years
• Riders will be given a time deduction based on the execution score on the freestyle elements.
• Freestyle elements are optional

Suntanner (just off the main base area)

Friday, March 9th

6-8pm (under the lights)

Prize Money: (men and women)
1st place $750
2nd place $500
3rd place $250