Wednesday, March 14

washed up cup 2012 -recap

Image © Ali Kaukas

Not to flog a dead horse but last Friday night this snowboard race went down during the larger US Open Snowboarding Championships; The Washed Up Cup. The course was 4 banks turns, over a roller, 4 more gates then a decent sized jump. Your 2 timed runs were combined, with seconds knocked off if you hit the jump with style. Long/short it was a chance for a lot of these older guys and girls to get fired up and sh*t talk, sneak beers, and break out some vintage gear. Hats off to the race crews who worked through the field of 100 riders in just over 2 hours.

Many thanks to Ali Kaukas, Michael Chantry, Ken Myers and Nate Simpson for sharing their photos.

These guys were "in charge". Good stuff. Image © Michael Chantry

Image © Ali Kaukas

Hobie Chittenden. Image © Ali Kaukas

Burton senior product development specialist, Chris Doyle on edging patrol.
Image © Ali Kaukas

Racing gloves. #want Image © Ali Kaukas

93/94 Image © Ali Kaukas

Test run via TByrnes instagram.

Co-organizer Seth Neary at the kitchen table "gate". Josh Wylie running a mint Burton Cruiser.
Images © Michael Chantry

Tricia Byrnes dropping in. Image © Michael Chantry

Other co-organiser Steve Hayes. Big smiles. Image © Michael Chantry

Curt Gurry, eventual winner. Image © Michael Chantry

Gurry on course. #bashgates Image © Ken Myer

Neary. Early runs were "goggles up" for many as darkness fell.
Image © Ken Myers

Legendary US Open commentator Chris Copley mercilessly razzed the racers.
Image by © Ali Kaukas

Go gO GO! Great shot © Nate Simpson

First banked turns. Started to snow, hard. Image © Nate Simpson

Image © Ken Myers.

Race order at the top. Image © Nate Simpson
View from the bottom. Image © Ken Myers