Monday, June 25

whole larder love over at mr. blanc

Rohan Anderson of WholeLarderLove takes the guys from Mr. Blanc foraging. Intro below; can read the whole [oh! -ed] thing here.
If the love of the food and the lifestyle were originally the catalyst of Rohan’s passion, then a desire to live a more sustainable existence is now providing the major impetus.  Having completed a resource management course at university and participating in reforestation programs Rohan realised that a larger, more positive, environmental impact could be achieved by sharing his ideology. With the complexity and sheer scale of our environmental plight often leaving the average individual feeling hopeless and despondent, Rohan’s simple hands on approach provides a positive and empowering option to idleness. Don’t get me wrong, he is a realist and understands that the majority of the city dwelling population cannot achieve total self-sufficiency, but he believes it is well within everyone’s ability to live more sustainably. And why not?