Thursday, June 21

aaron "field notes" draplin at s'ville library next week





Long/short - if you want to hear Draplin talk next week, at the Somerville Public Library - head over to The Friends of the Somerville Public Library twitter feed (@Friends_SPL) and follow/RT their link. Or comment over at the Friends Facebook page. Either way you will be entered to win the last 2 tickets - front row, seam of the carpet, see the spit fly. [update 6/21 tx grabbed. Thx everyone for the interest and support.] Going to take a flying guess that if you read 10e you know about Draplin. Field Notes / Draplin Design Co. / Highway Recovery Act logo. Think I started to catch on when he was a designer for Snowboard magazine - flexing that simple, distinct look of his.

Been out for a while but the last video Field Notes produced was about the genesis of the memo books, and a digitizing project involving Draplin's collection. There are definitely discussions to be had about the growth of big pharma and their manipulation via advertising, or Archivists and Librarians will say digitizing is not archiving - and they are probably right - but there is so much crossover here that having "Tall Tales From A Large Man" at the library makes a ton of sense.

Like many people out there (hence the instant sell-out of this talk) there is something in the simplicity of a notebook that really appeals. And as we reach a 'certain age' writing it down to remember it now... makes a lot of sense. Thx to Draplin for saying yes, and thx to The Barbarian Group for sponsoring. Again, comment or RT to enter for last 2 tickets. James