Monday, November 18

10E2279: "Pioneer Axe" - Look at the Emerson Stevens Axe Factory in Oakland, ME

From the inbox - reader Jonathan sent link below to this short but very clear doc; a fascinating look at handmade axe production in Maine and quite different from the drop forged method.
""Pioneer Axe" is a short film (ca. 1965) about the old Emerson Stevens Axe Factory in Oakland, Maine. Oakland, Maine -- like a lot of other towns in the Northeast -- used to be an industrial hub. Oakland's specialty was the manufacture of scythes and axes. The Emerson Stevens axe factory -- the last of its kind -- closed just a few months after this documentary was made. 
"Pioneer Axe" probably deserves a place next to "Ben's Mill: Making a Sled" and other gems of NE life on"  [Folkstreams is the mutt's... -ed.]

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