Friday, January 3

10E2302: JJ Hapgood General Store - Open

photo via Happy Vermont

The circle is complete... The JJ Hapgood Store in Peru, Vermont is now open for beeswax. Started in 1827, the current incarnation is a rebuild of the previous structure utilizing salvaged beams, gorgeous Danby marble, tables milled from a felled maple on the property, and the return of the outdoor benches and the community message board. Selling groceries, housewares, free wifi, sarnies, pizza (huge hit), and beer on tap. For those just joining, I partly grew up in this small town and the store was a fixture of the community. New owner Juliette also grew up in town (a grade school friend) and with her husband Tim they have responsibly and sensitively rebooted the store and probably the town center. We were there last week and camped out a few times... #homerun Take a look...

Check the Burton board and Ski-fer on back wall...

photo via Happy Vermont

From the store's facebook, owner Juliette on opening day w/ Mr. Beattie (who raises Highland cattle across the road from us). I could basically just stop posting now... So much good here. 

Whadda ya need? Bukarro gloves in the wild... done.

Next day - met up w/ old pal Skye Chalmers and kids. His better half is Mrs Bobo - she was home bottling maple syrup... true story! Nice Schnee's on that guy. And yes, the Hapgood store stocks their Bobo's Mountain Sugar

Bobo twins and our boys. Serious seal of approval on the pepperoni pizza... Clean plate club! 

LibbleD hats and bandanas. 2 standbys from the old-old store...

I don't post bathroom pictures too much... but these guys nailed it. Huge smile for the Peru panorama wallpaper.

There is a cozy gallery/lounge in the back. This pic is really an excuse to showcase the store's old stove but our neighbors Ms. and Mr. N'EastStyle got in the way.... The store also does wood fired chocolate sauce  on their ice cream sundaes... "Nice touch" as another customer commented.