Monday, February 10

10E2322: Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar

From the Cabot site, the answer to the eternal question Why did the Hunter's Cheese change to Seriously Sharp Cheddar? Sidenote - probably my fave cheese of theirs. V affordable and majorlipsmacker.
"Hunter's Cheddar got its start when we sold "trim" — the rough edges from our blocks of cheddar — to hunters as they passed by the Cabot plant in the fall. [Or as the label used to say "sold to truckers on their way out of town" - ed.] The super tangy, "extra sharp gone awry" taste quickly gained popularity, demanding bigger sizes and eventually earning our Hunter's Cheddar a year-round following. As we grew our business, we added Hunter's to our line of 8-oz bars available in the dairy case. But when sales expanded beyond New England and into the Southeast, our bold, black-and-red Buffalo plaid packaging, which represents the traditional hunting gear of the north, just didn't translate to camouflage-clad southern hunters. So, we made "a hunter's favorite" the secondary line and rechristened the cheese "Seriously Sharp Cheddar." (Admittedly, we borrowed the designation "Seriously Sharp" from England — it just captures the personality of the cheese better than other names we considered, like "Tangy Extra Sharp" or "Pucker Cheddar.")" - via Cabot.