Thursday, February 13

10E2326: That Backhill Racing Look aka "Waxing is Cheating"

Boots: Rome 2014/15 Guide. Noice.
Wax: Fast Wax
Goggles: Smith Dr. Bob
Lee Storm Rider, CB Sports vest.

What a competition right? Not only are some of the best and most respected snowboarders in the world involved, but this year the winners each took home an axe - along with the famous roll of duct tape. These guys and girls are so good they even have a side-bet on who can do the best riding switch [backwards -ed]. Yup, the 29th Baker Banked Slalom is in the books! Man, want to get there one day...

Also looking forward to the last few Olympic snowboard events. Boardercross and the giant slaloms. Times below are EST, ouch. In the meantime will aim to get out asap in this New England snowstorm. For those just joining - the crail is a olde time snowboard grab (reaching across your front in essence, but stylee), hence the Holy Crail move that Sage Kotsenburg used in his winning slopestyle run contained an important historic wink to the crowd. Great name.  

Mon., Feb. 17Men’s Snowboard Cross2:00 AM
Wed., Feb. 19M/W PGS: Qualifying12:00 AM
Wed., Feb. 19M/W PGS: Final4:00 AM
Sat., Feb. 22M/W Parallel Slalom: Qualifying12:15 AM
Sat., Feb. 22M/W Parallel Slalom: Final4:15 AM

The Extreme Park Rosa Khutor, showing the Sochi 2014 Olympic 
Snowboard PGS, Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross courses. (image: FIS)