Friday, February 28

10E2331: VT Open 2014 - Registration Extended 1 More Day

Stratton Mountain in southern VT will be the site for the second Vermont Open happening NEXT weekend March 7 - 9, 2014; but we all know it is really a legitimized Washed Up Cup. #pointit #VTSP #10%tothebar Good times!

The Vermont Open has been created to take the place of the US Open of Snowboarding (having been moved to Vail from its home at Stratton, VT - further reading). It is a 3 day tribute to the pioneer days & spirit of snowboarding. This is a chance to ride and compete in retro-style events. Come for the weekend and ride with new and long lost friends; plus music/parties/old school equipment. All held at Stratton.
" event designed for snowboarders by snowboarders. For one weekend, snowboarders of all pedigrees come together to ride, compete, party and enjoy the snow. The competition is open to all snowboarders and designed for amateurs, juniors, pros and snowboarding's legends to compete in the same arena. Supporting the Ross Powers Foundation/Level Fund."
You can compete in a rail jam, halfpipe (old timey sized... good), a banked slalom, or all three. Registration ends tomorrow - so sign up today and wax that board.

Friday March 7:
1-4pm Rail Jam Qualifiers/Finals

Saturday March 8: 
Noon-1pm Halfpipe Finals
4:30-5pm  Snurfer Challenge on Lower Suntanner

Sunday March 9:
10:30-2pm Banked Slalom Finals

I'll be there Sat/Sun. Hope you are too. Love the wide swing in sponsors... All participants must wear a helmet during official practice and competition.