Monday, September 28

10E2478: Rugby World Cup 2015

As opposed to some other sports that crown "Champions of the WORLD!!!!" [Talking to you MLB - ed.]  the Rugby World Cup welcomes all who come dressed to play.

The game of rugby originated in England in the early 1800s (at a prep-school called Rugby, where some snotnosed punk decided to pick up the 'football' (ball you kick with your foot) and run with it - against the rules). American football will frankly never live down its shame of helmets and padding and horrible tackling in a conversation with rugby fans... Paradoxically US rugby fans tend to get a little too jazzed sometimes - further reading.

Anyhow - the Rugby World Cup is currently happening - a 6 week tourney open to all nations.

The Times {it must be good when you are the "THE" of something right? [The School = Harvard Law School around here - ed]} has done an A-Z [Zed -ed.] of rugby terms. No gratuitous action... in fact no action, just various talking heads. Restraint. Amazing.... Watch them all here.

There is some snakey stuff w players who are residents of a country for a bit to get on the team (talking to you Scotland...) but the US games and the finals are all being broadcast on NBC - next US game (vs South Africa - heavy hitters) happens week on Wednesday, 11:45am [liquid lunch -ed]. Full sched' handily online.