Tuesday, May 27

10E2352: Notch Brewery

"Notch, launched in 2010 and the first brewing company to focus exclusively on session beer". Helmed by long-time brewer Chris Lohring, Notch is tenant brewed mainly at Mercury in Ipswich, MA and Two Roads Brewery in CT. And preaching the session beer sermon long before it was in favor.

These are lower ABV beers 3-4.5%, as opposed to 8-9% of many of the new (meaning last decade) craft beers that can verge on a nuclear arms race of IBUs and ABV. Those are fine sometimes too - but in "ice cold can" type of weather you will want to explore Notch Brewing. 12-pack makes them just over $1 each; well played.

I had erroneously thought it was out of NH, as in Franconia Notch but Chris is practically a Somerville neighbor. The name more akin to notch as a verb - and ability to have more than one.

I have mentioned our friends making the craft beer doc Brewland (w/ a keen eye to New England beer). Would be great to see this in there...