Friday, October 16

10E2483: Fridays Are Tie Days - The Old Boy Network II

Well, you know how it is when you're in some public spot and a stranger comes in wearing the old school tie. You shove a hasty hand over your own and start to sidle out before the chap can spot it and grab you and start gassing.

-from Tried in the Furnace by P.G. Wodehouse

Not sure why but I'm not that wild on striped repp or regimental (long) ties. Striped bow ties I like, and the crested ties look fantastic. I went to LSE (dubbed "Let's See Europe" by the American students) but can't bring myself to wear their gold/purple/black. LSE is a constituent of the University of London; their (Ben Silver'd) ties are v v tasty. Around $75.

In other great news for me - another alma mater in London, City University will soon join the federal University of London (UOL). City will continue to operate under its Royal Charter which will be amended to reflect its change of name and the titles of its senior officers as an autonomous college of UOL. That means I can wear either the tie above or below to reflect both B.A. Phil/Econ and M.A. Arts Crit. You want fries with that?