Monday, August 7

10E2595: Kick Start

The fascination with 'scrambler' type motorbikes has a rich vein too in trials bikes. More popular in Europe, popularized on British telly in the 80s with a show called Kick Start.
In the Kick Start format, the riders went over obstacles such as piles of logs, oil drums, rockeries, water troughs, up a wall, up steep banking or a cliff-face and over [cars]. Penalties, in the form of time added to their round time, would be given for putting a foot on the ground while tackling an obstacle or touching or knocking over specified parts of an obstacle (such as the "bunny hop").

A video-game inspired by the series called Kikstart was released for the Commodore 64 in 1985 by Mastertronic. It was also released for the ZX Spectrum [wow...]- via wiki

This was Saturday tv I grew up with in the UK in the 80s - fantastic.  Trials motocross, then rally driving, then boxing.  Full morning of viewing... A whole world of retro source material too if you have never seen before...