Tuesday, September 12

10E2599: American Stonecraft

These food-safe food slabs, coasters and trivets are made from a fieldstone that American Stonecraft have gathered from farms across greater New England (you too PA!). They are sliced, ground, and polished in their Lowell, MA studio.  Each stone’s farm-provenance is permanently labeled on the underside. Not only are the stones responsibly harvested (I say this w a straight face - meaning the stones are taken from fields, not ripped out of stone walls...) but the team here also execute MENDING WALL DAY (Robert Frost reference to those just joining), and repair fieldstone walls in the wild. Fieldstone wall means stone wall created without binder material, simply chinked together.

Bowls are created too. Fantastic. Available online - or at the Boston Public Market space at Haymarket.