Thursday, April 1

10E2668: Kinco Gloves and THAT Material...

Direct from the KincoGloves insta' - and shame on me for never asking the backstory before...  what is the striped 'ticking' type material used for their workgloves? 



The Otto Story - Part 1

The Otto™ striped fabric is not just any old fabric – it’s a fabric woven with history and friendship. This story begins in 1986 when Bruce Kindler, Kinco®️’s founder, was visiting a glove factory in Hong Kong at the same time as Mr. Otto Schachner, a fellow glove distributor from Denmark.

During their visit Bruce was in the process of developing Style No. 1927®️ – a unique style during that time because it was one of the only styles that combined the lining of ski glove and the design of a work glove. Simultaneously, Mr. Schachner was using the now well-known red, white, and blue striped fabric on several styles distributed throughout Denmark. Knowing of Mr. Schachner’s success using this fabric, Bruce decided to use it and asked the factory to incorporate the fabric into his new style.

In order to identify this new fabric, Bruce decided to call it the “Otto” fabric to honor Mr. Schachner. Once the 1927®️ was on the market, Bruce discovered the only way he could protect his special fabric was to trademark the design, including its colors, so it couldn’t be copied without legal repercussions. Since Mr. Schachner was already using the fabric on his gloves and had trademarked it in Denmark, Bruce figured he should be able to trademark it in the U.S. as well. Bruce asked Mr. Schachner if he could buy the trademark and apply for rights in the U.S. and Canada. Mr. Schachner gladly obliged and Bruce bought the rights for $1.00 USD!


These gloves, (now I know and will never forget) model 1927 are a 10E fave for work&ski outings of any kind... Absolutely bring them everywhere.