Thursday, February 4

evarts & jordan

This tiny hunting outfitter flew right under my radar... The product of two southern Vermont gents, maybe a generation above me. Incedently, Evarts had the sharpest dressing parents I ever met... father was the gold standard for go-to-hell wear (saying that w/ complete respect and awe you understand) and mother was literally the Queen Bee -taught Pops alot of what he knows about apiculture. The Evarts & Jordan line is serious wingshooter terrritory. Tweed or ventile everything; infact their own signature tweed (further reading)... and even their own brand of wellingtons -custom made by Hunter. Merino socks and flashes knit in Scotland, on and on really...

Still reading? Ready for the kicker... the gut punch... this short-lived project didn't survive past 2005. Great looking tweed.