Thursday, February 18

parenting -sleigh ride

Taylor Farm in Southern VT (the Stratton, Bromley, Magic area) offers sleigh rides that are pretty much perfect for families. You can check out their dairy farm and cheese operation (various types of award winning gouda); then it is a 45 minute ride with a stop in the woods for a fire/cider in the shelter of a shed if you need it and yup, marshmallows on sticks. There was no moon last week when we went and a little cool for the tiny people but a couple of lap-dogs and lap-rugs helped out. It has snowed since then, but in the clip above long-time tenant-farmer Jon Wright (who runs the show at Taylor Farm; the farm has long been owned by a Taylor as in Lord&Taylor) notes the marginal snow fall.

This was the first time we had been on this sleigh and it was great. If it is just a bunch of adults going and you maybe want a faster/longer/bumpier ride you can check out Karl PFister who is in the next town (Landgrove). Either way, highly recommend.