Wednesday, February 24

quotable -down by law

Try and watch the end of Down By Law and not get back into cardigans... fantastic. Tough choice, do you want to stay and live at the Tintop or head up to where two roads diverge in a wood... Either way, you have a closet full of Uncle Luigi's old clothes to get you ready.

If you saw this film around its release or in the cinema you will be nicely surprised by the cleaned up dvd versions out there now. Crisp B&W from cinematographer Robert Muller (who had a lock as DP on classic 80's American cinema; Mystery Train, Barfly, Down by Law, To Live and Die in L.A., Paris Texas, Repo Man...)

Jack (Lurie): So is this how you dressed on the outside.. sort of 'garbage man on parade'?
Zack (Waits): ... So Jack, you thinking of doing some squirrel hunting?

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