Friday, February 19

weather in boston

The Berkely Building (commonly known as The old John Hancock) in Boston is topped by a seven-story weather beacon that gets its glow from 288 neon blue and red lights. No fancy computer needed, just three switches in the basement: power, color, and blinking. There is a code to present the local weather forecast, as below. [I can never remeber this -ed.]
Steady blue, clear view.
Flashing blue, clouds due or changes due.
Steady red, rain ahead.
Flashing red, snow instead. -via BostonMagazine
Bonus little nugget here; during baseball season, flashing red means the Red Sox game has been called off on account of weather. In October 2004, and 2007 the beacon flashed red and blue to commemorate the Boston Red Sox World Series victories. These were the only times the color scheme changed since the beacon was lit in 1950.