Wednesday, September 15

that peru fair look -n'east style

The lady behind the blog N'EastStyle is actually a family friend, though never met her until recently after realizing her rantsposts about New Englandy style had some similar hidden Vermont thrift stores in mind... +1 for the internets.

Ms. Mitchell has put together a great seasonal H2T [blogspeak -ed.] for any gent visiting the upcoming Peru Fair (Sept 25th) in southern VT. This event is a high point for the town's social calendar but don't just take my word for it, hear what she has to say;
Because I went to boarding school in RI and then to college in CT, I haven't had the chance to go home to Vermont for the Peru Fair in years. My nostalgic memories of the fair are that it sums up life in Southern Vermont; running into folks you've known for years, Mrs. Murphy's doughnuts, crisp autumn air, the sun coming through the changing leaves, the old white church in the center of town, plentiful baked goods, beautiful arts and crafts, and yup... a massive pig roast. It's a celebration of everything Vermont values and holds dear.

  • RL Indian Pointe shirt. Note for visitors to Peru/Manchester area, there is a huge/fantastic Ralph outlet in Manchester -def' worth a look.
  • Rogue Territory denims.
  • Belt; Billykirk Claw Buckle
  • 10engines hat in green. [Full on local vibe. -ed]
  • Boots; Red Wing Wasaba Chukka via JCrew. Attention shoppers, there is a JCrew outlet in Zippy too...
  • Got Bag? Canvas bag for the foods you pick up at the fair. Mrs. Murphy's are always there to get your coffee fix and one of their cakey donuts. Essential.
  • Holdall; Barbour Fenton.