Wednesday, October 6

first of all the manufacturers got their idea right.

They realized a special need and specialized on supplying that need rightly.

They got their designs right and the right fabrics for them before starting.

They had a consistent selling policy, same prices, same discounts for all, regardless of the size of the order, or whether the order was to be lost or saved.

Similarly, they were consistent advertisers, starting small in proportion to their capital and production capacity.

And every step in expansion has been carefully considered so that never at any time was there any attempt to rush the natural growth of the business beyond the capacity of the concern to bear it safely whatever storm might come.

It was what might be called a Duxbak policy, good in any sort of weather.

-from a fantastic article on Utica-Duxbak clothing history via Printer'sInk (1921)

Trousers via Ballyhoo Vintage

Jacket below via Furugia.