Wednesday, October 13

forest service/usda historic photos

Historic photos from the USDA Forest Service collection. The cataloging is inconsistent; sometimes the title is a subject (recreation-hiking), sometimes a description (This patrol starts for the climb...) or sometimes just the filing name (photo 212141). I have picked between description and title fields below. Majority from the Pacific NW. Almost 4,000 images so far; get lost... All photo credits to U.S. Forest Service.

Hikers on Jefferson Park Tr., Mt. Jefferson Primitive Area.
CCC trapper, A. Schueneman and Wolf. Credit: Archibold
Ten year old boy's catch. Crecent Lake.
Members of Conscientious Objectors camp demonstrating 'one-lick method' of fire line building for Forest Service Reserves. Larch Mountain.
CCC Maintenance work on Swan Lake Road
Low Echo Girl Scout camp on east shore of Lake of the Woods. Medford girls learn camp cooking as part of training program.
Zigzag River - picking up a few old ones.
Small fry trying their luck at fishing near the dock at Tee Harbor while their parents are out fishing in the 1958 Juneau Salmon Derby. Credit: Prater
Trout fishing Karta River near Ketchikan, Alaska